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The following documents are made available, as examples, for the benefit of other voluntary organisations.
Please note that the documents are no longer operational and were developed to meet the specific requirements of Food4Macc at the time.

Those who make use of the documents should make sure that the documents are adapted to meet the specific requirements of their organisations.


Volunteering and Community Gardens

Administration (Consitution, meetings etc)

Identity: Food4Macc colours and logos

Volunteering and Community Gardens

The following documents were to be printed and inserted into the Site Manual held by the Project Leader

  1. Volunteer Registration Form

  2. Site work register

  3. The Role of the Volunteer

  4. Volunteer Working Guidelines

  5. Health & Safety Policy

  6. Manual Handling Policy

  7. Equal Opportunity Policy

  8. Working with Vulnerable Persons

  9. The Role of the Project Manager


The  review of our activities in 2021 can be found here..

Other Documents


Privacy Policy (re GDPR)


Standard Colours for Food4Macc

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