Review of 2021 

Covid made 2021 a difficult year to engage with local schools, but in March we completed the building of two raised beds in the Park at Lyme Green - with able assistance from several local residents.

A few weeks later we returned to plant six assorted fruit trees.

In May, we built a raised bed for St. Albans Church. Again we had good support from the intended users.

And at the end of July, we built a raised bed for St Michael's Church in the town centre.


We have maintained our most public community gardens either side of the train station entrance.


It has been good to see the other high-profile community garden at the Leisure Centre has been kept up by Care4CE, growing many herbs in a prominent location by the entrance.

Other volunteers have been growing at the Beaumont care home in Prestbury (our very first community garden), and at the Rowans Care Home where the espalier-grown fruit trees have become very productive.

When we began in 2009 we were the first group to promote local food growing in Macclesfield. Today there are diverse groups with similar aims including Macc Wild, Grow Macclesfield, the One Project, a very active plant group within Transition Bollington, and a few plant swap days have been arranged. Several of these groups are affiliated to Macctastic which aims to be a forum for people concerned about sustainability in Macclesfield.

We also like that The Random Apple Company at Rainow, has continued to convert windfall apples into juice.

We are currently seeking owners of under-used gardens, that we might be able to introduce to potential growers under our Garden Share Scheme.

Next year, we plan to approach more schools to offer support with any food growing equipment needs.

If you are not already a member, or need the bank details to renew your membership, the details can be found here .