Gruinard Bay, Scotland. Photo by Dennis Wall


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About Private Camper Hire

This is a place where private owners of campervans and motorhomes join together to advertise their vehicles for hire.

To ensure that you receive a professional service, standard booking terms are shown here. We have developed these terms over several years hiring out our own vans. These terms apply unless the owner tells you to the contrary, and any variation will be small.

All the vehicles are comprehensively insured, and have full breakdown insurance.

The Home page has a map of locations where our vehicles are based,
and the Campervans to Rent page has an illustrated list of all vehicles.

Contact Us

Some owners have displayed their contact details so that you can talk with them directly.

Other owners prefer that we handle enquiries about availability and price before handing over to them to make the detail arrangements after the booking has been agreed.

If you need our help make sure you provide the information shown on the "Availability" page.

Colin Townend.


Tel: 07926 911411

Office Address:
Hollinset Farm
Hollin Lane
SK11 0NL