How can I support and be part of Food4Macc?


How much does it cost to join?

The annual membership subscriptions are given below together with links to the membership form. 


as a new member

£10 per person
Reduced to £9
if paid by standing order

Application Form A
(Not needed if you are renewing your membership)

Please download and complete the membership form listed above, and send them in with your payment.

Please note:

  • You can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer to:-
    A/c Name: “Food4Macc”, Sort Code: 08-92-99, A/c No: 65378191
    Please ensure bank transfers are labelled with your name followed by the word “subscription”

  • Food4Macc offers discount if you pay by standing order.

  • F4M membership is for a calendar year from January 5th.
    After 1st July the fee is reduced to £6 (£5 if paid by standing order) for that year.

      Please return the completed form to :-
      Food4Macc, Hollinset Farm, Hollin Lane, Sutton, SK11 0NL Tel: 07824 860 566

If you would rather not make an ongoing commitment to Food4Macc but would like to help us financially go to our donations section here

What was the difference between Food4Macc and Food4MaccDirect?

Food4Macc and Food4MaccDirect were separate but closely related organisations.

Food4Macc is a voluntary organisation that promotes the local growing and production of food as a way of reducing food miles.

We continue to support schools and community groups wanting to set up vegetable gardens.

As a charitable organisation, we can claim Gift Aid on membership fees, increasing their worth by 25%.

Food4MaccDirect was spun-off from
Food4Macc as a company limited by guarantee in 2009. 
This allowed it to buy locally produced food and sell it to local people.  
It was run as a not-for-profit community enterprise for the benefit of local consumers and producers.
But, despite being a "not-for-profit" organisation, Food4MaccDirect could not claim Gift Aid, and therefore had to be a separate organisation from Food4Macc.

 Food4MaccDirect stopped trading at the end of 2016 rather than taking market share from other local food retailers that had sprung up. more information


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