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Click the picture to browse our 3 hill top webcams.
 Click  the picture to browse our 3 hill top webcams.
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Leek, Derbyshire and
UK Weathercams

Motorists and outdoor activity enthusiasts can check out the weather on top of the A537 Cat and Fiddle pass from the comfort of their desks.

In 2008 the landlords of the Cat & Fiddle Inn, joined forces with local information website to host a webcam showing the A537 road and the view towards the west.
You can see some archive photos in our Gallery, and we would be interested to see any photos you have of the Cat.

In winter, a lot of people worry about the road conditions on the Cat and Fiddle pass, and this camera allows them to see for themselves. In the last year there were 439,000 visitors to the website.

Our five minute Guide to Driving in Snow was read by 50,000 people in the last year, and is the No3 result when Googling "how to drive in snow".

Walkers, cyclists and flyers can also see if the weather is promising for their sport too. Sometimes it is the opposite of what you might expect. The Cat & Fiddle can be in sunshine, above the cloud, when the valleys are shrouded in mist. Some of the many outdoor activities that use the cat & fiddle as a base are shown on our Activities page .

You don't need a car to get to the Cat. There are hourly buses from Macclesfield and Buxton. The buses can be used to devise a "Ride up, Walk down" outing.

This traditional English pub offers welcoming open fires in winter, and incomparable views of the setting sun on summer’s evenings.

On a clear night, the red lights of the Winter Hill TV transmitter can be seen 34miles away, beyond Manchester.

How to drive safely on snow and iceThe Weather Channel forecast

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