Cycle Macclesfield

You can get anywhere in Macclesfield on a bike in 15 minutes.

So why not try cycling around town?

Cycling is much safer than most people imagine.
Government statistics show one injury for every 250,000 miles cycled.
(That's one injury in 87 years if you cycle 10 miles every day.)
The risks are outweighed ten times over (page 49) by the health benefits.

This website deals with fears of cycling, shows how to anticipate and avoid hazardous situations, and proposes quieter cross-town routes. There are links to local cycling groups, local bike shops, sources of training, and the site offers an insight into what initiatives are in progress to make cycling more attractive in Macclesfield.

There is also a page to help drivers understand cyclists' behaviour:-
'Why are Cyclists so Annoying?'

 Our Facebook Group is a discussion forum for news and ideas on cycling, and a place to buy, sell, or donate cycling equipment.

Contact: cycling@maccinfo.com