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Secretary: or call 07824 860566

Who's Who

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Judy Roper, Membership Secretary Ruth Shercliff, Deputy Project Manager, Food4Macc Direct Stuart Potter, Deputy Project Manager Sara Wreford, Project Manager David Hawkins, Project Manager, Beaumont. Bill Pettipiece, Garden Share Coordinator Tim Shercliff, Project Manager, Food4Macc Direct Debbie Townend, Secretary Philip Cole, Treasurer Alan Brereton, Commitee Member Colin Townend, Chair, Website and Public Meetings and Talks is presently led by a small steering group following the aims set out on the home page of this website, and run in accordance with our constitution.

Working groups are set up to handle individual projects, and the Project Managers of each working group report back to a monthly meeting of the steering group - to avoid duplication, and maintain a coherent strategy for Food4Macc.

The current steering group is comprised of Elected Committee members, plus co-opted members with specific areas of responsibility.

The group is open to suggestions and new ideas. Contact details are shown at the foot of this page.


Elected Committee:-

Colin Townend: Chair

Debbie Townend: Secretary or 07824 860566

Philip Cole: Treasurer:

Judy Roper: Membership Secretary

Stuart Potter: Deputy Project Manager for The Rowans, Governance Officer.

Bill Pettipiece: Garden Share Coordinator. or 07710 878348

Alan Brereton.

Co-opted onto the steering group:-

Beaumont Project Manager: David Hawkins.

Food4Macc Direct Project Manager: Tim Shercliff, or 07796 143522


Roles of the Officers of Food4Macc*

*These are interim working arrangements until more formally defined.

Chair Colin
To chair meetings & act as formal figurehead for the organisation  
Treasurer Phil Cole
To keep a record of income & expenditure, control petty cash & pay out agreed expenses.  
Secretary Deb
To take minutes at meetings & circulate to committee members asap  
Initial contact for enquiries, deal with general correspondence,
deferring certain official correspondence to the Governance Officer..
To collate all information & keep a master copy , digital or paper,
so that it is easily accessible when needed.
Point of contact for email. Publicise details of working parties.  

To liaise with new recruits, maintain a database of all volunteers.

Membership Secretary Judy
Maintain records of membership, collect subscriptions, issue membership cards.  
Press Officer  
Maintain contact with local media, Newspapers and Radio Stations. Colin
Talks, Demonstrations, and Visits Coordinator Colin.
Book speakers and venues, liaise with venue owner to confirm arrangements and facilities  
Deliver talks and slide presentations  
Governance Officer Stuart and Phil
To deal with legal docs, policies etc  
IT Officer Colin
To maintain the website and blog.  
Social Media: Sara and Colin
Update Facebook, andTwitter.  
Grant Applications Philip Cole /Stuart

Please contact us if either:-

  • You would like to know more.
  • You are already in a group with similar goals in Macclesfield
  • You would like to help.

07824 860566

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