How to Use the Storm Overflow Map 

28th May 2024

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United Utilities have released a map that you can put on your phone showing the 'Nearly Live' status of their storm overflows, and consequently when it is
a bad time to go in the river.

Image by Kev from Pixabay

As you may know, there are a number of combined sewer overflows that discharge into the Bollin, normally only after very heavy rain.

The most commonly discharging overflows are away from public view, so until now it has been difficult to know when is not a good time to bathe in the river, or let your dog go in the river.

The map is most useful on a phone when you are walking beside a river.
The notes below explain some of the features, how to add the map to your home screen, and where to find this 'My Location' button:-

Notes and Tips

The X in the top right of the dialogue box doesn't work.

But if you swipe up, you can tick the confirm box, and press OK.

Use the 'my location' button, to show nearby overflows.

Then you can see your location and the local CSO's which, on a good day, are coloured green.

If you tap any of the icons, it reveals more detail about each overflow.

The arrow on the left side of the screen reveals the colour coding of the storm overflows.

If you swipe down, you can set filters

The right arrow reveals an explanation of storm overflows, and links to FAQs.

If you swipe down, you can set filters

Add it to your home Screen
On an iPhone, you can make an icon on the home screen by tapping the 'send' button

Select 'Add to Home Screen'

This makes a rather dull icon (but it works).

On an Android phone, tap the three dots:-

And select 'Add to Home screen'

This makes a brighter icon on Android:-

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