How can your dog help with ocean pollution?

The litter you see while walking your dog, is an opportunity for you to help reduce the amount of rubbish and plastic that is washed by rain into our drains, rivers, and eventually the sea.

If you pick up a few pieces each day, it can soon make a difference:-
  • Plastic that is moved into a bin won't get into the sea.

  • People are less likely to throw litter into clean areas; they can't think to themselves "It doesn't matter, the place is a tip anyway!"

  • By being seen to pick up litter, you will encourage other people to do the same, and make litter throwers think twice.

  • And, by being seen as a dog owner picking up litter, you will correct the impression held by may people that dog owners don't care about 'cleanliness'.

  • The environment is made more pleasant for everyone to enjoy.

You don’t need any special equipment, just an old carrier bag.

 – or you can buy a grabber or reacher:-
Macclesfield Pound Plus, a fiver on Chestergate.


Argos sell straight or foldable models to fit in a bag or rucksack for £10

 Sharps Warning: 
If you see glass or needles where you are picking, leave them alone and find some easier pickings - there are plenty!

The idea is a development of “
Plogging” which is currently in vogue in Sweden, (but we can’t use the obvious equivalent name for litter-collecting while dog walking!)

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