Join Macclesfield's Litter Pickers

A number of individuals have been quietly litter picking their areas.
David Kettle has suggested that a map might avoid duplication, and hopefully prompt other people to tackle other areas.

Olive and Rachel Massey

This is a great activity for teaching community involvement to kids.
 They love manipulating the grabbers, and they have no need to touch any of the litter.

These areas are being picked by residents:-


If you have cleaned an area recently and would like to add that to this map, drop us an email at,
or see how map editing is done here.

The litter you see around you is an opportunity for you to help reduce the amount of rubbish and plastic that is washed by rain into our drains, rivers, and eventually the sea.
  • People are less likely to throw litter into clean areas; they can't think to themselves "It doesn't matter, the place is a tip anyway!"

  • By being seen to pick up litter, you will encourage other people to do the same, and make litter throwers think twice.

  • If dog owners, are seen picking up litter, it will correct the impression held by many that dog owners don't care about 'cleanliness'.
    There is a group called 'Paws on Plastic'
  • If you pick up a few pieces each day, it can soon make a difference.
    (It has been estimated that if one household in ten, cleared just 100 metres, the whole town would be covered.)


You can make a start with just gloves and an old carrier bag,
(some people take a separate bag for recyclables) but if you want to do more:-

Borrow a Grabber:-


Borrow a grabber from Scoop & Scales inside the Heritage Centre. Opening hours Wed 10-4, Thurs 10-7, Fri 10-4, Sat 10-4

Mon-Fri: 9 - 5:30, Late night Thursday 9 - 7.30pm,
Sat: 9 - 5.  Sun: CLOSED


Mon - Fri 8-5pm, Sat 9.30 - 3.30pm

The Ranger has litter picking equipment available to borrow,
(number of days duration negotiable).

Or Buy your own Grabber:-
Grabbers can be very cheap to buy:-

The Poundland grabbers are nice and light for kids to handle, but require more hand strength than some children possess.
Despite the low price, we have experience of adults using them for several hours.

However, don't use them to prise up items stuck in the mud. They are not strong enough for that..

Try 'Macclesfield Pound Plus', around a fiver on Chestergate.


Argos sell straight or foldable ones to fit in a bag or rucksack from £10

Need Bags?

Macclesfield Town Council and ANSA have agreed that litter pickers can leave green litter bags next to public litter bins for collection by ANSA.

The green bags can be requested via email from ANSA by emailing

Sharps Warning: 
If you see glass or needles where you are picking, leave them alone and find some easier pickings - there are plenty!

Traffic: Don't put yourself in harm's way.
It's easy to get too close to a road when you are looking at the ground.

photo:instagram plastic_pollutionsolution

Runners in Sweden are encouraged to try Plogging
(collecting rubbish as you run).

 Coming Up:-

Your Councils' Involvement:-

Feedback Welcome:

If you are interested in single-use plastic reduction,
take a look at our other website

Other Local Litter Groups