Improve Your Video Calls

Here are a few personal 'lessons learned' from increased use of video calling:-

  1. Check for finger prints over the camera lens.

  2. Avoid the 'Nostril View'; hold or fix the camera at eye level.

  3. Face the light. Turn off any lamps that are visible behind you.
    If the background is bright, your face will appear dark.

  4. Beware of anyone using the microwave oven; it can disrupt wi-fi signals.


  5. You can play quiz games by video link even if you have only one set of question cards.
    Use a second Facetime or WhatsApp call to show the cards to the 'other' team without seeing them yourself.

  6. Find the right height for a playing card to fill your phone's camera picture.

  7. Cut a yoghurt pot, or similar, to that same height. You may need to cut away some part of the support so it doesn't obscure the camera's view.

  8. Cut a rectangular section out of a piece of card or wood, to make a notch that you can push a card against by feel without looking.

  9. With the phone in place, find the right position for the notch relative to the yoghurt pot, and tape the card and pot together to fix the relative position.

  10. Make a video call, flip the camera, and minimise audio feedback by turning the sound right down on both phones and mute the microphone at the recieving end.

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