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Teal is the technical consulting company operated by chartered engineer Colin Townend, with the following specialities.

  • Technical authoring of concise user guides, product manuals and business procedures, with a focus in simplification, clarity, use of pictures, and writing english for translation.
  • Design of spreadsheets to give managers a clear oversight of complex business data.
  • Experienced in industries as diverse as Hydraulic Excavators, Furnaces and Ovens, Technical Textiles,
    and the Leisure Hire Industry.

Teal's speciality is in providing innovative solutions to problems,
with a drive towards simplification of methods of working, and clarity of communication.

Some Examples of Previous Projects

This is a simple guide to the techniques of driving on snow and ice, prepared for use on The Cat & Fiddle Webcam site. It uses few words, some illustrations and video clips to convey "what you need to know" with brief reference to the underlying laws of physics. If you Google the words "driving in snow" this document usually appears near the top of page 1, below offerings from the AA and the BBC. Driving in Snow

Exporting English

an alternative view on the use of translation in business
We English often have good intentions to learn another language, but what if we have trading partners in several countries? Which language should we learn?
Are we likely to achieve a working knowledge of any of them that exceeds our overseas partner's existing knowledge of English? What if we simply have no flair for languages? Should we sit back complacently and encourage our overseas agents to improve their English? No. Read what we can do; Exporting English

Download the guide as a 10Mb pdf file

This 8 page guide was distilled down from diverse sources of Carbolite's technical expertise, gleaned by interviewing internal experts. It was offered to customers faced with chosing from a huge range of products, and was used in the induction of new employees and distributors in 80 countries. It was compiled before desktop publishing was available and looks dated now, but the concept is clear. The language and illustrations were chosen to facilitate translation. Every sentence had to convey useful information. Download 10Mb

Campervan Hire User Guides

In the hire business, it takes about an hour to show a customer how to use all the systems in a camper van. New campervans are typically supplied with about twenty manufacturers leaflets, one for each appliance installed. These leaflets were distilled down into what a novice user needed to know to operate the van's systems using few words and good illustrations - bearing in mind that some customers do not have english as their first language. Trigano Tribute 650 user guide 1.5Mb

An Introduction to Time Trialling

Two pages of useful information gleaned in learning to do 10 mile time trials with Macclesfieed Wheelers Cycling Club. Download 50kb

Plastic Reduction in Cheshire East

Plastic Reduction

A website outlining a response to plastic pollution of the seas - in particular, by focussing on single-use plastics, litter reduction, and recognising the many benefits of plastic when used appropriately.

What you could do directly to help the climate. CO2 Reduction

A guide for members of the public, highlighting the most effective lifestyle changes they could make.
Urban Cycling

This website suggests ways to minimise cycling risks, and proposes alternative cross-town routes, together with links to local cycling groups, local bike shops, sources of training, and offers an insight in to what initiatives are in progress to make cycling more attractive in Macclesfield.
Teal web-design uses logos as stepping-stones to the most popular sites on the net, and to local information for Macclesfield residents

MaccInfo.com is another illustration of the approaches outlined above. Now rather overtaken by developments in browsers and search engines, the site was first built in 2007, a time when internet browsers were much less able to anticipate what you wanted to do than today. The graphical links allowed novice PC users to navigate quickly to the most commonly used sites on the web, and to local information for Macclesfield. www.maccinfo.com

Teal has provided technical support for the following charities