Macctastic Eco Network and Macclesfield Town Council are hosting a one day Eco Summit later in the year!

A forum of online presentations and interactive sessions, the aim is to to identify actions that are needed to make Macclesfield a more sustainable town – a greener, cleaner, nicer place in which to live, work and socialise – and to put in place the conditions that will help us all to achieve this.

You can help now, by telling us what changes you would like to see, to make Macclesfield sustainable and capable of thriving in a time of unprecedented change brought about by climate change, pandemic, wildlife loss, and economic uncertainty.

These might include safe and pleasant routes within the community to encourage walking and cycling; more green spaces; opportunities for green businesses; cleaner, cheaper energy; less litter and waste and many other things besides.

We are interested in things that can be achieved quickly - possibly over the next five years - but also longer-term changes that might take more time.

Your answers to the three questions below will help us to arrange a programme for the forum that meets your needs:-

  • What does a sustainable Macclesfield mean to you?

  •  If you could change something to make Macclesfield more sustainable, what would it be?

  • What would you need to help you to take part in the journey towards a more sustainable Town?

 Responses to the questions need to be returned to
by the 26th February.

Please help to shape a better Macclesfield – it is our town after all, and we need you to help make it better for ourselves and future generations.

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