Getting Started using with Windows 10: -

March 2018 makes clever use of colour highlighting and simple graphs overlaid onto a map, making complex weather data easily understood.
However, there is so much information on offer, you may find this guide helpful in getting started.





16. The Meteogram (see item 5) expands the rain/snow row of the data table to show:-.

Cloud density, for each moment in time, is shown at 5 different altitudes, using 3 different nomenclatures:-

·         900h – 300h being pressure equivalents of altitude.

·         Km (you guessed!)

·         Flight Levels (FL300 = 30,000 ft.  Altimeters use atmospheric pressure, so they are recalibrated for airport height and current pressure before take-off.  Weather-related changes in atmospheric pressure cause the aircraft to fly higher or lower than their nominal Flight Level - but fortunately they are all equally affected, and collisions are avoided..)

Sea-level Pressure is shown in the hPa row and is graphed with a thin blue line watermarked behind the data. (See item 17 below).

Quantities of Rain, Convective Rain, and Snow are shown digitally, and as a stacked bar graph in each 3 hour period. (Rain in mm, Snow in cm).

The height of the Cloud Base appears at the foot of the table.