Flash Bar Breakfasts…

Choose from the following items to create your perfect plate..

6 items 4.75
8 items 6.35
10 items 7.95
12 items 9.50

Butchers bacon,
Butchers sausage,
Free range Egg (fried, poached or scrambled)
Vegetarian sausage,
Black pudding,
Plum tomatoes,
Oven roasted cherry tomatoes,
Hash brown,(v,vg,gf)
Fried bread,
2 Toast (white or wholemeal)

Sandwiches and Snacks..

Butchers bacon..2.80
Butchers sausage..2.80
Free range eggs..2.80
Bacon and sausage..4.00
Bacon and egg..3.40
Sausage and egg..3.40
Bacon, sausage and egg..4.50
Things on toast..Free range eggs..2.80
cheese or beans..3.50
Derbyshire Oatcake and cheese..
1 filling..3.95
2 fillings..4.95

See counter for a selection of freshly baked local pies or pasties..
Ask us for cold sandwich or toastie fillings..
Add a bowl of chips 2.50

Wet your Whistle..
Drinks at Flash bar cafe..

Buxton roastery coffee..(Decaf available)
Flat white-2.20
Tea (Decaf available)
Tea mug..1.30 pot..2.00 pint..2.00
Herbal tea..1.50
Melting hot chocolate..2.40
Extra toppings..cream or marshmallows 30p each
Milkshakes made with ice cream..Strawberry, chocolate or banana..2.50
Selection of cold drinks in the fridge..

Made By Us

Don't forget our ever changing range of home made cakes and and quiches!

See some examples on our Facebook Photos