Doodle came to us in 2010

Not long after, he had his first encounter with snow

We tried boots to stop snow balling on his feet but they didn't work


He quickly established himself as great favourite with the kids

And grown ups too



Dood was a great cuddler


A love of lying on laps

Or squeezing onto the back of chairs


Or exposing his tummy for tickling

Or sleeping on comforting surfaces

He had ways of getting your attention:-

I think anthropologists call this 'posture mirroring':-

He had a brief spell working in security:-

but showed no flair for it:-

Although he was constantly car sick as a puppy,
he came to terms with car travel

He was quite successful as a sporting mascot

And showed some flair for football


And he loved being outdoors

But the wind was sometimes a problem.

His cuteness attracted Julia to draw him

and maybe not....

He was sometimes reluctant to leave his bed for a late night wee

and one of his most endearing features
was how he would wait for Deb to come home.