Bollin River Information Sources 

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Pollution Reporting

Report to the Environment Agency Clean Stream Team on 0800 80 70 60. (They won't give any feedback).

The pictured Pollution at Old Mill Lane, SK11 7PA was reported (Reference 2062906) in May 2022.

It is believed to be coming from somewhere south of Byrons Lane - and the Red Willow Brewery say it's not them.

Please report any further sightings

 Cleaning Up

If you are principally interested in removing litter from the river and its banks, there are groups that organise litter picks:-

The Bollin Valley Partnership Tel: 01625 374790,

Sustrans Tel : 0117 926 8893

Macclesfield Litter Picking

Macclesfield Town Council and ANSA have agreed
that litter pickers can leave green litter bags
next to public litter bins for collection by ANSA.
(Green bags are suggested so they know it is not fly-tipping).
 The green bags can be requested via email from ANSA by emailing and they will deliver them to your home.

Trolleywise has an
 online trolley reporting tool.

They will fish abandoned
trolleys out of the river.

(Neither Tesco, nor the
Council provide this service).


The Bollin Valley Partnership

Emma Houghton,Community Projects Officer,Bollin Valley Partnership

Tel: 01625 374790,

BEACON (Bollin Environmental Action and Conservation)

The latest version of the BEACON Action Plan can be downloaded here:

Beacon Action Plan - 2020

The latest progress update on the Action Plan can be downloaded here:

BEACON Action Plan Monitoring - Nov 2021

The Authorities

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs Water Quality Report

Bottoms Reservoir:

Bollin Source to Dean:

Defra River Status Map
Mind boggling array of layers to select and filters to apply:- Index

The Rivers Trust: very detailed drill down into sewage outlets:-
This might work better with Edge browser rather than Chrome.

Mersey Rivers Trust Contact: Sal Potts


United Utilities: Macclesfield Forest Action Plan


pH below 6 or above 8 ?
Ammonia reading above 3.0 ppm ?
or any pollution incidents:

  Report to the Environment Agency Clean Stream Team on 0800 807060.


The Wild Trout Trust Fishing Assessment Sept 2020

Mottram St Andrew Fly Fishing Club

Macclesfield Fly Fishers Club

Prestbury daily water level monitoring data 


Wilmslow: Children taken ill after splashing about in the river

New Wet Wipe Labelling Logo Scheme

River Jargon

Riperian =  (In Law) "relating to or situated on the banks of a river.
"all the riparian states must sign an agreement"
(In Ecology) "relating to wetlands adjacent to rivers and streams.
"the ranch's most expansive riparian habitat"