Following the success of the 'Macctastic Less Plastic' event at the Barnaby Treacle Market event in June 2018, where lots of people signed up to continue the conversation, there have been two public meetings with the aim ‘Make Macc More Sustainable’.

The name 'Macctastic Less Plastic' has been shortened to 'Macctastic' to reflect the new broader interest beyond plastic polluton.

Six groups have emerged, each interested in different sustainability concerns and aspirations for the town.

The individual groups planned to meet independently to discuss how the 'ideas' can be turned into ‘actions’.
If you are interested in being involved in one of the groups, please use the contact details below.



Macctastic is still at a formative stage. As yet, our new group has no organisational structure, but the current thinking is that the energy and direction should come from the individual groups themselves, and that Macctastic should simply be a place where the groups can meet from time to time, to share ideas, resources and network connections.

The working draft purpose of the group is:-
"To be a welcoming and inclusive group of people of all ages, interested in living well, whilst working towards a more sustainable Macclesfield"

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This interim web page and our Facebook Group are published to provide a simple point of contact for people interested in sustainability or transition in Macclesfield.

A more professional web design is in progress.

Last updated:20th November 2018.

Current Topics

Bees and other Pollenators - how to encourage bees and other pollinating insects in Macclesfield. Mowing of grass verges; Pollenator-friendly planting etc. meeting notes . Contact: 

(France is set to ban garden pesticides in 2019 )

Repairing and Tool Sharing - promoting a 'repair not replace' culture. meeting notes .
Contact: .
This group plan to meet again at 7.30pm 3rd Dec, at The Jolly Sailor . All welcome.

Litter / Guerrilla Clean-Up - Litter was the polite name for what is now recognised as pollution. This group is developing a list of interested participants, Council loaned equipment?, working with local businesses? more information . Contact:

Young People - Student-led promotion of sustainability activity in schools, and links between schools, sharing best practice. meeting notes . Contact:

Plastic Reduction  - working with local businesses to reduce the sale of single use plastic materials and better recycling.  meeting notes . Contact:

Transport  - working to reduce car journeys within the town, particularly associated with schools. Meeting Notes

The full notes of the meeting are available here

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