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Read Macctastic's response here

If you want to know facts and figures about Climate Change, this BBC page includes a link to download a 197 page briefing document.

Current Topics

Perhaps the issue that dwarfs all other concerns. Macctastic has joined with Transition Wilmslow and Transition Bollington as 'The Cheshire East Climate Action Alliance', to present a combined approach to local government.

See our response to Cheshire East's consultation here

If you are wondering how to modify your own lifestyle to reduce CO2 emissions, contains some useful information.

Student-led promotion of sustainability activity in schools, and links between schools, sharing best practice. 15 students from 5 different schools involved.
Listen to Esther's interview on Canalside Radio here .

Tytherington School students met with Michael Gove. Details

The group participates in FridaysForFuture school strikes.

King’s School student Ben O’Donnell created this video of Macclesfield's Climate Protest on 20th September.

Tythy Goes Green have helped negotiate that no drinks in plastic bottles will be sold as part of the in-school catering provision from September 2019.


Litter / Guerrilla Clean-Up
-  Litter is free to be washed into rivers and travel to the sea. Rubbish that is put in any bin is unlikely to do so. This group is developing a list of interested participants, Council loaned equipment?, working with local businesses? more information .


Engaging with Neighbourhood Community Groups  - Several of these groups have aims for their neighbourhood that overlap with Macctastic's aims. More Details.

Macclesfield Mug Library
Macclesfield's Mug Library has been lending at 7 Treacle Markets this year!
We have over 100 ceramic mugs that can be borrowed instead of disposables, and you can find us at the Treacle Market every month (outside Fat Face), as well as other events across Macclesfield and beyond.

If you would like the mug library at your event please contact or fill out the online request form here.

If you can offer an hour of your time to look after the library on a Treacle Sunday there is an online rota here .

Plastic Reduction -
Macclesfield has its own plastic reduction website
Get in touch if you would like to work on encouraging local businesses (especially fast food) to use less plastic containers and cutlery.


Refill MacclesfieldRefill
  - we have set up several local Cafe's to offer free water bottle refills, without obligation to buy anything, as a way of reducing the number of plastic water bottles requiring disposal.

More Details.

Recycling in Cheshire East:
If you would like to know more about how your local recycling works,
visit the Recycling section of

Some items that are not accepted by Cheshire East's recycling system, can be dropped off at a number of Terracycle collection points in Macclesfield.

Zero Waste: A new group 'Scoop and Scales' looking to establish a 'bring your own container' buyers club in Macclesfield. More Information

See calendar (above) for next meeting.  Contact:
 Facebook Page

Sutton Post Office have introduced a refill scheme working with PlasticFreeWeigh of Knutsford.
See Facebook Post

  - working to reduce car journeys within the town,
particularly associated with schools. Meeting Notes

Thinking about an Electric Car? Read one local person's experience here

Bees and other Pollinators
-- how to encourage bees and other pollinating insects in Macclesfield. Mowing of grass verges; Pollinator-friendly planting etc. Contact: 

(France is set to ban garden pesticides in 2019 )

 - promoting a 'repair not replace' culture. 
(Transition Wilmlsow have a repair cafe planned for 12th Ocober)

Contact: . This group met last on 3rd Dec. See current status.


Macctastic is still at a formative stage. As yet, our new group has no organisational structure, but the current thinking is that the energy and direction should come from the individual groups themselves, and that Macctastic should simply be a place where the groups can meet from time to time, to share ideas, resources and network connections.

The working draft purpose of the group is:-
"To be a welcoming and inclusive group of people of all ages, interested in living well, whilst working towards a more sustainable Macclesfield"

Listen To Tracy Kelly's interview on Canalside Radio here

If you are interested in shaping the group, please use the contact details below.

General Enquiries:


Following the success of the 'Macctastic Less Plastic' event at the Barnaby Treacle Market event in June 2018,  there have been three public meetings with the aim ‘Make Macc More Sustainable’.

The name has been shortened to 'Macctastic' to reflect the new broader interest beyond plastic pollution.

Six groups have emerged, each interested in different sustainability concerns and aspirations for the town.
The individual groups meet independently to discuss how the 'ideas' can be turned into ‘actions’.

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Notes of Most Recent Meeting 15 July 2019

At Our Public Meeting on 18th March:

The Canals and Rivers Trust spoke about how our waterways can be part of a more sustainable town and ecosystem. see meeting notes

Our public meeting, Monday 28th Jan 

included a talk by horticulturist Chris Wellavize, owner of Prestbury Plant and Garden.
Chris talked about ‘Greening Your Garden’, including on how to attract bees and other pollinators.
The other working groups also updated the group about their activities.

Notes of the January 2019 meeting

(The notes of the November 2018 meeting are available here )

Other Local Sustainability Groups