Notes of the Public Meeting

In a climate emergency, what can we do?

7.30 Monday 18th November, St Michael's Church, Macclesfield.

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Pictoral Slides Shown

Further Reading List

Presentation on the Response the Cheshire East Consultation

Text of Macctastic Response the Cheshire East Consultation

Help with Organisation Wanted

We are moving towards a less informal structure, and are looking for some extra voluntary help with roles such as:-
  • Secretary: meeting notes and email management
  • Facebook Administrators and Moderators
  • Events planner/organiser
  • Treasurer.
  • Constitution drafting

If you would be interested in volunteering any help on a regular basis, please email or speak to us at the meeting.


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Perhaps the issue that dwarfs all other concerns. Macctastic has joined with Transition Wilmslow and Transition Bollington as 'The Cheshire East Climate Action Alliance', to present a combined approach to local government.

If you are wondering how to modify your own lifestyle to reduce CO2 emissions, contains some useful information.

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