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We have a small group aiming to promote recycling, reusing and repairing through educating the public with concise, accessible information.

You can read their most recent meeting notes here. If you would like to know more, contact Tom North on


Avoid the waste problem altogether by not creating waste.
Reduce the number of plastic bags you accept at the checkout,
and buy products that have minimal packaging.


Over 7 million tonnes of food is thrown away in the UK each year, most of which could have been eaten.

Lots of tips avoiding food wasteThe Love Food Hate Waste website has lots of simple tips on how to store food, manage use by dates by clever use of the freezer, and a searchable recipe page to help use up surplus food ingredients before they go out of date. See more searchable recipes at


Reduce water consumption and save money with these tips and free gadgets from the water companies.

Join a scheme that offers free refills for your water bottle.



Re-use -by Donating

Reusing is better than recycling. We would recommend you to Macclesfield's Freecycle grou, or the newer Macclesfield Freegle. A great way to find a good home for surplus items, that are too good to throw away, but not worth selling.

To use the system you just join the group by using the links above, then you can send an email offering any surplus items you have. Very often you will get a reply within a couple of hours and have the item collected the same day. No money must change hands.

Equally, you can look out for items that would be useful to you, and also post a "wanted" message.

Freecycle generates a lot of email traffic, so it might be a good idea to open a separate Yahoo mail account for this purpose, one that you can dip into when you want to give stuff away, or need something.

Don't forget Charity Shops - Donate to them and buy from them!

If you want to donate
good quality furniture or household goods
which someone else could re-use, contact Cheshire Furniture Reuse Forum

Donate your old specs to Vision Aid Overseas

Recycle old mobile phones,
printer inkjet and laser toner cartridges
for the benefit of a charity of your choice.

Re-use -by Buying Second Hand or Refurbished goods

If you buy 2nd hand goods you preserve resources. Businesses like Electrofarm have been set up to refurbish and resell electrical goods with a guarantee, but watch out for energy-efficiency with older products.


In November 2010 Which? found that 31 out of 33 electrical equipment faults were repaired more cheaply and with greater customer satisfaction (78% vs 54%) by local independent repairers than by the manufacturer.

It isn't always cheaper to throw away the old appliance and buy new. Repairs can often be one tenth of the cost of a replacement.

Try a simple Google search for "electrical repairs Macclesfield"

Is it Worth Fixing?

Sunday Times Recommendations 6/3/2011:-



The new silver wheelie bins accept unsorted recyclable material with very few exclusions. You can now recycle many more things than before:

Among the few things that cannot be recycled are greeting cards with glitter, polystyrene, and hard plastics such as plant pots.

"Where does Macclesfield's recycling go?"
The contents of the silver bins are taken to a paper company, UPM at Shotton.

Sell It

If your unwanted item is usable
it may be possible to sell it on ebay.


If you are heading for the tip, you might save yourself some mileage, and make a little money, by selling your waste for scrap.
Henshaws typically offer these prices, but phone first as prices vary with the commodity markets. You may be asked for proof of ID. (They will take your waste cardboard too).

Bright Wire - £2.50 per Kg
Copper Wire - £2.50 per Kg
Copper Pipe - £2.00 per Kg
Brass - £1.50 per Kg
Lead - 50p per Kg
Aluminium - 50p per Kg
Stainless Steel - 50p per Kg
Household Cable - 60p per Kg
Low Grade Cable - 30p per Kg
Scrap - £100 per ton. Heavy - £120 per ton
Scrap Cars - £100

Recycling Centres

Recycling Locations in Macclesfield (please tell us of other places to add to this map)

Click the map for details of what and where to recycle.

Cheshire East's website has helpful information on Recycling, and Reusing, including:

Household Waste Centres
Recycling Advice
Refuse Recycling Collections
Waste Collection for Business
Waste Strategy & Performance

CEC Recycling Performance: One of our members has prepared an assessment of the performance and costs of Cheshire East Council's waste management. This shows that total waste per household is very high in Cheshire East, that recycling performance is good, and that costs are above average. You can read the document here