Macclesfield Bus Station?

Our new garden at the train station in Macclesfield has been our most public “demonstration garden” and attracted a lot if interest rather like those in Todmorden.

We are now considering an even more public plot of land on Mill Street, by the bus station (just above the red bus in this picture) and now we have to decide whether we have the resources to build it and maintain it.

One is a south facing site, and you can imagine the gable wall behind absorbing the sun's rays during the day and warming the plants in the evening.

The soil appears to be very poor- limestone chippings on top of what may be builders rubble - who knows?

On the other side of the bus way is a long narrow raised bed, easier to manage.

Maintaining this site would stretch our existing volunteers too far, but we would love to welcome some fresh faces to help set up and maintain the site in the future. Our existing volunteers would be happy to help with the starting up of the site.

Working parties could be timed to suit the new team;
either in the day time, weekends or evenings.

It is not necessary to be a paid up member of Food4Macc to help at our sites. More details of working parties .




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