David Mayers: Broken Cross and Upton Ward candidate for Cheshire East Council and Macclesfield Town Council, 2nd May 2019

David MayersI am a retired teacher passionate about the environment and sustainability. I live 10 metres outside the ward, having lived happily inside until they moved the boundary about 10 years ago.

I am a keen cyclist and spend much of my time avoiding pot-holes and reporting them to Cheshire East – this is a massive problem and a big deterrent to cycling in Macclesfield.

I enjoy growing most of our fruit and veg on our allotment and in the garden; and support Food4Macc and other initiatives aimed at encouraging people to grow their own.

I am a Christian, and try to work out the right relationship between my faith and my actions.

I am a member of the core team behind Macctastic, the community organisation seeking to make Macc more sustainable and a better place to live in.

I believe that the Green Party has the right policies and approach to transform local politics; and on a national and global scale begin the drastic economic changes we need to save us from the imminent climate disaster.


The Green Party programme for local government:

Across England, communities are suffering. Cuts devastate local services and corporate profit-seeking threatens the environment.

In most cases councils have chosen to rely on conventional, top-down solutions to address residents’ needs arising from these challenges. Libraries close, green spaces vanish, potholes grow and street lights dim.

The local elections in May 2019 are a chance to take a stand, to unleash the power of fresh thinking and communities to make lives better – to vote Green.

Green councillors are beholden to no-one apart from the residents they serve. They believe in listening to residents and trusting local people with the power to transform their lives and the places they love.

The Green Party will work with the whole community to revive our communities after years of neglect and to restore the confidence of the voters in local democracy.


A vote for a Green councillor on 2nd May is a vote to:

  • End the cabinet system on councils
  • Restore the £50 billion of public money taken from councils
  • Devolve more power to parish and town councils
  • Make roads safer for all users, especially cyclists and pedestrians
  • Clean up the polluted air threatening our health


In Macclesfield Green Party activists are campaigning to:

  • Improve recycling facilities in flats
  • Establish a 20mph speed limit on residential streets, especially near schools
  • Reduce the damaging effects of the school run on our air quality and the health of our children
  • Improve the quality of rented accommodation in the private sector, and increase the availability of social housing.

For more reasons to vote Green watch MP Caroline Lucas:

Published by David Mayers (Green Party), 4 Mount Pleasant, Prestbury Road, Macclesfield SK10 3BZ


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